• rinmei

092; ninja request post

Ahh, it's been a while since I last posted sorry! ;A; To remedy that, I figured I'd do this instead ♥:

request post! *w*
  • Watchers and my Flist only.
  • Just post images you'd want to be iconed?! Let's see, 3 images per person!
  • Manga coloring is fine. o/ Do provide me with a decent quality scan and references though.
  • Put the fandoms in there somewhere, this will help me in tagging really.
  • Requests will be sharable by default but uh, tell me if you want them not sharable or something?
  • Will be closed when I feel like it?

  • ...oh wow, why am I always putting question marks at the end of everything. Anyway, yeah go request something? :3 Reserves are fine too but there's no limit so you don't really have to worry about that! Also, THANK YOU 398 WATCHERS! *A*